Confident Mom Series Part I: Our Confidence is in Christ

Monday, February 13, 2017

Welcome to the Confident Mom Series!!! I'm excited about this, I've been  prayerfully working on it for awhile now. You may be wondering what a series about confident mothering is doing on a blog about raising godly daughters. You may even be thinking that confidence is in direct opposition to the biblical principle of humility, that it's a topic more suited for a women's magazine article: 10 Ways to feel more Confident in Bed. How to Impress Your Boss with Your Confidence. Feel Confident and Sexy with these 5 Easy Tricks. (These examples are NOT the type of confidence we'll be exploring together) Yes, confidence can certainly be secularized and even demonized. The Bible warns us of the dangers of being proud, and exhorts us to imitate Christ's humility. Yet, knowing who we are in Christ and being sure about who he created us to be as unique individuals is imperative to living out our full potential--IN CHRIST. As I share some of my story in part II, you'll see why I'm so passionate about the importance of being a confident mom...especially when we have daughters!

I hope and pray that you like this series, and most of all, I hope it resonates with you, and that you walk away feeling like you  are in fact, the perfect mom for your kids. Before we really get started, I'd like to chat about the word "confident" real quick. Confidence is often confused with cockiness or pride, and therefore some people assume it's sinful to be confident.  Let's define the word, shall we?

CONFIDENCE is defined as:
1. the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust
2. the state of feeling certain about the truth of something
3. a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities

First and  most importantly, we can be confident because we believe that we can rely on and trust in God. Foundational to every single thing we discuss in this series, is that we are confident in Christ.

Second, is that if we are in the Word daily, we can be certain about the truth. We can be absolutely certain that we are to teach our kids about God; that we should, as God enables, model the fruits of the Spirit. We can teach them about love and forgiveness; about loving their neighbor as themselves. We can teach the how to serve the least of these, and we can set for them life long habits of fellowship, worship, and community by attending and being involved in a local church. Those are truths that you can be confident in.

Finally, we can appreciate our own God-given abilities and qualities, and run with them! Rather than envying your best friend's abilities and chasing after something that doesn't come natural to you, take some time (if you aren't sure) and determine what your strengths are, and then pray for God to help you shine in those areas as you parent.

I hope that clears up any misgivings you may have had about a Christian blog going on and on about the importance of confidence. I'm in no way advocating to be full of one's self, to see one's self elevated over anyone else, or to be puffed up in any way, shape or form. My own testimony is one full of regret and heartache, of destructive behavior and selfishness towards those I was affecting. I've shared my testimony many times to groups of women or teens over the years, and every time, I go home and lay awake because there's always been one unresolved issue in my mind about my story: WHY. Why, as someone who was raised a Christian, did I make the decisions that I did? Why did I choose the wrong path over and over again? It took me a solid decade to figure out the answer, and I'll share about that in part II: Why Being a Confident Mom is Important. Hope to have you there!



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