About Crystal

Here's a little about me and my family, just for fun!

I was raised in Nashville, TN until I was seven years old and my parents moved us to western Montana. My roots go deep both places and I've always been torn between the two. I've got the south in my blood, but I'm always and forever madly in love with the mountains of MT.

I married a free-spirited red head from Tennessee. We graduated college, got married, had a baby, and moved across the country (you guessed it: back to Montana!) within less than a year! Our seven years together has been a ride: we've moved more times than we can count, had two more babies, bought a meth house (on accident), and been interim youth leaders.

These are my girls:

My love:

And this is outdated, but it's all of us:

As for me, when I have spare time, I garden and hike by summer, snowshoe by winter. I like baking with my kids, cooking by myself, taking walks with my hubby (his name is Brad, you'll meet him, as he's going to be a frequent contributor!), good discussions with good friends, reading great books, and feebly attempting to someday be a really great writer. I'm a nutritionist/boot-camp instructor on the side, and I'm one of those "crunchy moms".  In fact, if  I had time for another blog, I'd blog about simple, organic living, I'm that passionate about it.  I like to pretend that I'm head-over-heels for winter, which helps trick me into thinking I actually do love winter, which helps me get through the agonizingly long, cold, MT season that sometimes lasts from October to mid-April. Then I live it up in the summer and fall (spring doesn't exist here). I not-so-secretly love country music.

My own testimony will come out in pieces as it relates to different topics I post. My story, coupled with the fact that I'm raising three daughters of my own, are what inspired me to start this blog about raising godly girls. I have no delusions of thinking that I'm the most qualified person to give advice about parenting. What I do know is that I'm a writer and this is what I feel led to write about, and I write only after time spent in prayer, asking the Lord to guide my words, to use me to speak truth and encouragement on this blog. I won't ever write about something I feel unqualified to write about, but I will do my best to hunt down someone who IS qualified about certain topics and I'll use bribery if necessary to get them to come over here to share their wisdom with us!

Feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself, I'd love to meet you! :)

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